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About Us


Welcome to SensualBedding.com featuring Naked Bed  ~ A Sensual Sheet. We hope that you will enjoy our products and that your lives will be enhanced with a greater level of passion and intimacy from using our products. 


Andrea Hancock

Andrea Hancock, co-owner of Mattress Safe Inc., has been a leader in the manufacturing of mattress protection products for 13 years. Her background in interior design, combined with a desire to solve every day needs, resulted in the development of a practical, yet life changing product. Through the creation of Naked Bed ~ A Sensual Sheet®, Andrea has been able to share her dream for couples to experience an increase in freedom and adventure in intimacy as she has experienced in her own marriage.

I would like to thank my sister, Cheryl, for supporting my vision and helping to expand the product line of Naked Bed ~ A Sensual Sheet.  Her creative flow brought Naked Bed  new styles that would appeal to more couples and help them to achieve a higher level of intimacy.