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About Us


Welcome to SensualBedding.com featuring Naked Bed  ~ A Sensual Sheet. We hope that you will enjoy our products and that your lives will be enhanced with a greater level of passion and intimacy from using our products. 


Andrea Hancock

Andrea Hancock, co-owner of Mattress Safe Inc., has been a leader in the manufacturing of mattress protection products for 13 years. Her background in interior design, combined with a desire to solve every day needs, resulted in the development of a practical, yet life changing product. Through the creation of Naked Bed ~ A Sensual Sheet®, Andrea has been able to share her dream for couples to experience an increase in freedom and adventure in intimacy as she has experienced in her own marriage.

I would like to thank my sister, Cheryl, for supporting my vision and helping to expand the product line of Naked Bed ~ A Sensual Sheet.  Her creative flow brought Naked Bed  new styles that would appeal to more couples and help them to achieve a higher level of intimacy.


Lorraine Wrage

Lorraine Wrage, M.Ed. is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist. Lorraine particularly enjoys counseling women as they grow their sexual sense of self and married couples as they enhance their intimate connection. She has found that the Naked Bed products provide a practical and beautiful solution to some of the obstacles couples face, bringing increased freedom to them and their intimate connection. Her FREE eBook is available on her website at www.IntimateMattersLLC.com.