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"I find Naked Bed ~ A Sensual Sheet® to be a wonderful way to enhance any intimate moment. Playful, Spontaneous, Lavish, and Exotic experiences can happen in your home including your bed, your sofa, in front of the fire, or on a portable massage table. No mess, no fuss, no detailed planning... when you are ready, Naked Bed is ready."

                                                                          ~ Debby Wade - MA, LPC, LMFT, CST, CSAT

"The Naked Bed products offer wonderful options to couples. The lovemaking process is unique to each couple and Naked Bed provides creative options to enhance and cultivate greater intimacy and freedom."


                                                                         ~ Jenna Mountain - LPC, CST, PhD Candidate

 "Love all of their products. These products add a fun and romantic element to love making. Highly recommend!!!"

                                                                         ~ Nancy A. Houston - LPC, CST

"I love the products both personally and professionally. Naked Bed products are of the finest quality and they stand behind their product. I guarantee you will love it! "


                                                                        ~ Rachelle L. Colegrove - MA, LPC, ABCST

"Such a great product that really can will a spark to your sex life. Love the idea of having lingerie for your bed!"

                                                                        ~ Corey Allan - PhD Family Therapy

 “Naked Bed ~ A Sensual Sheet® is a fantastic product that encourages the rich enjoyment of God’s incredible gift of sex. This product encourages couples to let their hair down, take off the pressure, fully engage, and simply explore the joys that God always intended them to experience. Information about Naked Bed ~ A Sensual Sheet® should be a part of every premarital counseling package and an essential tool in the sex-therapist’s repertoire.”

                                                         ~ Mark Strauss, MA, LPC - Grapevine Counseling Center